Work From Home – Permanently

Back in March 2020, when it seemed that the work from home idea might be sticking around for more than two weeks, you probably researched how exactly to make your current living space workable – temporarily, of course.

Now that companies like Google, Microsoft, and many more are extending their WFH policies indefinitely, it’s time to shift the focus to permanent live/work spaces. While this might feel like a big undertaking, it is important to invest in the place that you will be spending such a significant portion of your time.  Think of it this way: how would your work from home experience for the past year been improved if you were truly comfortable in your surroundings?

Drawing from our experiences designing office spaces, residential spaces, and everything in between, we’ve put together some tips based on four areas of design that we feel are important when tackling a permanent workspace at home.

Adequate & flexible lighting, both natural and artificial: Your workspace should ideally include both ambient and task lighting. This will ensure you have the right light levels for all your tasks, during all times of the day and the changing seasons. Consider a combination of comfortable overhead lighting as well as an adjustable desk or floor lamp. Installing the appropriate window treatments can give you control over things like glare and privacy.

Air quality & control: An often-overlooked component of design, air quality and control is something that can have a real impact on occupant well-being and work productivity.  Locating your workspace near a window is a great way to bring in some natural light and gives the option for fresh airflow and ventilation if needed. Portable or permanent fans, air filters, and space heaters can be great for control over the air temperature, volume, and quality.

Adjustability & Ergonomics: Investing in pieces designed for the human body is a great way to make sure your workspace is comfortable enough to keep you working for hours at a time without developing an aching back or crick in your neck. Investing in pieces expertly designed for the human body can sometimes seem like a big purchase, but your body will thank you! An adjustable desk chair, sit-to-stand desk, and an ergonomic mouse make great additions to your WFH arsenal.

Aesthetics: This is the fun part! It may not have seemed worth it to repaint your office walls, update your basement finishes, or invest in a statement art piece at the beginning of the year. However, if you’re making the permanent or semi-permanent switch, it’s important for your surroundings to bring you joy, not frustration. We know you’ve been staring at the same walls for a year now, so what better time to put in the work and create a space that really serves you.

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This post written by Stephanie Davis, an Interior Designer at Atelier Drome. She is drawn to creating feelings through spaces and how details flow and work together to reinforce the main concept or idea.