Even when we are unable to meet in-person, there’s no reason you need to feel like you have to take on your project alone. In addition to our traditional services, we have a series of entirely virtual services that are geared towards offering professional support and guidance as you need you them. We want you to feel that you have the resources and support you need to complete your project – like having your own personal designer available to help you along the way.

We will offer these services by phone or video conference, whichever works the best for you and your unique project. If you have a question that you feel doesn’t fall into the services listed below, we’re happy to tailor the right service for you.


Virtual Personal Design + Decor Services


This service is geared towards those looking to manage their own home interior design project but wish to have some professional guidance along the way. All meetings would occur virtually through a phone or video call with our design team.

The service could involve one conversation to help get you started in the right direction, a series of personal design meetings to provide advice on color palette, materials, fixtures and/or furnishings as needed and even assist with selections that you would then purchase and install independently. With this service, you tell us what you're working on and together we'll figure out how we can best provide the professional support you need that also fits your budget.

Virtual Color Consultation - Interior + Exterior

Need a simple and easy way to breathe new life into a space without a complete remodel? This service can be one conversation or multiple and assist with anything from selecting that perfect paint color for one or multiple rooms, find a color to then help develop a mood board of ideas for you to run with or work with you to find the right colors and associated accessories for an overall refresh.

With nicer weather on the way, this is also a great time to consider an exterior color refresh as well! We can provide you with paint colors as well as a visual representation of the final look from an existing photograph to help you determine the right palette before you launch into painting.



Virtual Space Planning

Virtual Home

Pre-Purchase Services

When you are looking for an update to an existing space that wouldn't involve any construction and only the placement of furniture and accessories, this service is right for you.

We would walk you through gathering basic measurements of the space for us to create a hand drawn floor plan which we would then use as a base for one or multiple design options for you to choose from. Three-dimensional modeling is also available depending on your budget and the best way to visualize the transformation of your space.

We can create a plan entirely with your own furnishings or our design team can also assist in helping you select new pieces either by creating a mood board for your own inspiration, offering suggestions or assisting with the specific selections. We have a full range of interior design and decor services available if you need them.

Finding the right home can feel daunting, especially when many homes are only currently offering a virtual tour. How do you know if it's the right home for you - especially if you have a remodel or addition in mind? With an Architect and Interior Designer on your side you can find and create that perfect space that will work best for your lifestyle and make the process seamless and fun.

First, we will have a conversation with you to understand your needs and discuss how you envision your lifestyle fitting into a new space. We would then take a virtual tour of the property with your questions and needs at the top of our mind. We would follow up with our best recommendations regarding your needs and how they fit with the home in question as well as what your options could be regarding a future renovation. With the guidelines and agent offerings continuously in flux, this service can be entirely flexible to meet your needs and work with your agent's offerings.


Virtual Code Analysis + Feasibility Studies

Meeting in-person isn't necessary in order to do the code analysis to determine the highest and best use of your property and to also check to ensure that your project is feasible. Therefore, getting this research out of the way now allows you be ready to hit the ground running when you are able to move into the next phase of your project.

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