January 6, 2022

Very Peri – Pantone’s color of the year

5 Ways to Incorporate Very Peri in your space

Image source Pantone

Each year Pantone releases ‘The Pantone Color of the Year,’ where this color is part of the latest in design, fashion, and everything in between for the new year. We are thrilled to share a bit of insight about the color, PANTONE 17-3938, Very Peri. The color itself is a brilliant light purple that symbolizes new transitions and possibilities. After two years of isolation due to the pandemic, Very Peri beautifully captures the essence of transformation, while being open to the new frontiers. This bright indigo that bridges blue and red undertones – makes a shade that can be used with both cool and warm palettes. While sometimes we do wish we could live inside a James Turrell Installation, such a bold color can be a little intense for most residential applications. We like these 5 simple ways to bring in a pop of this unique color without it feeling overpowering.

Image source – LACMA

1. Door paint

One of the easier locations to switch up when your home is in need of a refresh – your front door! This is a bold statement that is still welcoming, yet incredibly unique. Consider coordinating light fixtures or address numbers to make this update feel more intentional.

Image source – The Spruce

2. Tile

In this setting, the periwinkle tile picks up the warmth of the wood, but also works with the cool gray tone in the countertop. The overall neutral palette and varied tones of the tile help to calm down the bright periwinkle color to create a serene space.

Image source – Heath Ceramics

3. Wallpaper

A punchy wallpaper inside a cabinet, outlining a built-in bar, or as a conversation piece in the powder room is a perfect way to add a fun, unexpected moment.

Image source – Drop It Modern & Burke Decor

4. Flowers

Low commitment, high impact. Bringing in colorful petals helps brighten your space while testing out what color tones work best – before you paint a wall! Look for hydrangeas, lavender, or irises.

Image source – Atelier Drome & Canva

5. Accessories

Another way to use Very Peri in your home that is also low commitment is by incorporating accessories that embody the exuberant spirit of the color. Pillows are a fantastic way to quickly add a pop of color to any space! Glassware is an especially creative way to encourage more bold color throughout the home and garden by seeing multiple tones of the color beautifully reflected in the sunlight.

Image source – The Week

2022 Color of the Year – In all different forms

Hello color! Very Peri can be used in spaces to create a sense of playfulness, while upholding a fresh sophistication. This can be through unusual color combinations, patterns, or accessories. The options are limitless!

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts when you see the color Very Peri? Does the color evoke a sense of curiosity, gratitude, or creativity for you? How would you like to use this color in your space? We would love to hear your thoughts on our Instagram or Facebook pages!

Image source – Boca Do Lobo

This inspirational edition was written by interior designer Stephanie Davis, who enjoys finding the perfect details that impart the personality of the client, and sees design as “a way for people to express themselves through their surroundings.” Stephanie is also motivated by sustainability, and works to design in a way that is both human-centered and environmentally-conscious. bio.