April 20, 2023

Team Highlight – George

George was one of the first to join the Atelier Drome team and has become an invaluable resource in the office for projects large and small. His wide-ranging experience includes single-family residences, restaurants, bars, coffee houses throughout the metro area, and two concepts at SeaTac Airport. Passionate about working with small business owners and families, he is currently overseeing the development of an expansive single-family residence on Lake Washington. George continues his creative endeavors outside of work through sketching, graphic design, and cinematography.

We’ve asked George some questions so that you can get the chance to get to know the person behind the desk. If you’re curious about his architectural background and specific projects he’s been involved in, you can visit his bio on our team page. In this post, we’ll delve into his primary sources of inspiration, his travels, and learn more about his cinematography. So, get ready to meet GEORGE!


Born and raised in Seattle, George has a deep love for both the urban environment and surrounding natural beauty and couldn’t imagine calling any other city “home.” He earned his Bachelor of Art in Architectural Studies and his Master of Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle. However, George’s loyalty to the Pacific Northwest has not limited his travels – he has spent time in Scandinavia, Italy, Japan, and India. He now makes it a goal to travel to a new destination every year.

Inspiration through Exploration

George gains most of his inspiration from seeing new places. This could be noticing a new restaurant while he’s walking home in Seattle or learning about new cultures through international travel. He was born and raised in Seattle, yet he consistently finds new and exciting places to explore.

Travel Destinations

George is an avid traveler! With family in Greece that he visits every couple of years, he tries to see other countries nearby while visiting. Among the many nations he has visited, Japan stands out for its profoundly inspiring architecture. Japanese design emphasizes harmony with nature, fostering indoor-outdoor connections while maintaining sustainable practices. George always seeks to integrate the outdoors while creating a balanced, holistic space. The Greenlake Contemporary Craftsman project is an prime example of how George connects nature and home. By incorporating an array of glass folding doors, he seamlessly connected the dining area to the outdoor deck, creating a continuous, unified space.

During his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, he spent three months studying abroad in Rome. Living in a foreign country for an extended period enabled him to immerse himself in the culture, fostering a deep appreciation for the city. This experience was an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by a wealth of history, art, and architecture spanning from ancient time to the present day. His favorite building was the Pantheon, and he was in awe as soon as he stepped into the rotunda. He was also fascinated by the baroque churches of Bernini and Borromini.

George has visited many destinations, yet one location profoundly impacted him: Finland! During a week-long study abroad summer trip in Scandinavia, George had the opportunity to visit several buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, a renowned Finnish architect. Aalto inspired George through his exploration of modern ideas that had a sensitive and naturalistic approach to materials and details. His favorite buildings during his stay included Villa Mairea, Säynätsalo Town Hall, Muuratsalo Experimental House, and Aalto Studio.

Next Travel Destination?

Image source: Lisa S. Town

When we asked about his next potential travel destination, George expressed his interest in visiting Mexico City, a vibrant and dynamic metropolis he has yet to explore. Many people have recommended it as a great vacation spot because of the rich culture, remarkable buildings, and incredible food! Eager to absorb as much as possible, George looks forward to visiting iconic landmarks designed by Luis Barragán, such as Casa Barragan, Casa Cuadra San Cristobal, Casa Gilardi, and the Capilla de las Capuchinas.

Favorite Aspects of Seattle

George considers himself a city guy because he enjoys how accessible everything is. He lives in Seattle, which he considers a highly walkable city, so he can walk to work and explore all sorts of new neighborhoods on foot. He’s noticed that within the past 5-10 years, there has been an array of bars and restaurants that are brand new — this is part of why he enjoys the city! He also loves Seattle’s close proximity to nature, with hikes only an hour’s drive away.

Company Growth

George was among the first to join the Atelier Drome team eleven years ago! He mentioned that time has flown by, yet watching the company’s continuous growth and evolution has been inspiring. It’s remarkable to see the extent of the company’s expansion while remaining committed to its core values. He emphasized that every Atelier Drome team member shares these fundamental principles and embodies exceptional humility, fostering a highly collaborative and ego-free environment.

Creative Pursuits

Since childhood, George has been passionate about filmmaking. He and his brother would create home videos, involving family members as actors in their productions. Then, as they got older and the films advanced—George gravitated towards the role of videographer, while his brother honed his writing skills. Together, they now create comedic shorts, once winning the 3rd Place Audience Award at a local independent film contest. George loves making films because it’s offers another channel for creative expression. In certain aspects, making films reminds him of architecture because constructing a final product takes an entire team and is a highly collaborative process.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know George! We are so lucky to have such a creative and adventurous individual on our team! To learn even more about George and some of the projects that he’s worked on, check out his bio page here.