12 Days of Snowflakes

Since 2013, ATELIER DROME has released a new set of designs every year to represent the 12 Days of Christmas. Typically, creative minds in the office come up with fun designs that are often related to events or pop culture from the year. However, the last two years we’ve decided to switch it up.

On January 1, 2022, we officially turn 10 years old (yay!) and as a way to celebrate this milestone while sharing a bit about us, the snowflakes for this year are each tied to something from our own past decade. We want to invite you in to get to know our team a little more through sharing these.

Starting on December 8 as Day 1, we reveal one each business day. We hope you enjoy our 12 Days of Snowflakes designs as much as we do!

Want to get the patterns? The entire collection of all 12 ready-to-cut snowflake patterns from 2021 will be available for download in our December newsletter for subscribers and when you signup! When you cut them out, we’d love to see your work! Take a photo or video, post and tag us on instagram or facebook @atelierdrome. Want a pattern from a previous year? Just ask and we’re happy to send it!


2021 Snowflakes

Day 12: New Years

Ten years ago on New Year’s Eve, 2011, Henry and Michelle celebrated the holiday in New York’s Times Square and decided then and there to officially form Atelier Drome after years of working collaboratively but with their own businesses. So, on January 1, 2012 – Atelier Drome was born!

Our office will be closed starting tomorrow and through the New Year, but we’ll be back open on January 3rd, 2022 – and officially 10 years old!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday! Let's ring in the new year and usher in another decade of design!

Day 11: Our First Floorplan

Our office is currently located in the Prefontaine Building in Pioneer Square, but we haven’t always been here! We have, however, always been in Pioneer Square but our current office is actually our third location over the past decade since we’ve grown a lot over the years.

Both of our previous two offices were in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Building down on Western Avenue and Columbia Street. The first was at 622 Western and it wasn’t even 1,000 square feet! Like the small, scrappy design office that we were, we got all of our furniture used or at Ikea and even made a conference table from a door.

Day 10: Pets of Atelier Drome

You may know all about our love for our puppies and if you’ve been to our office, you’ve likely met some of them or had to step over balls and ropes on the floor. However, as much as we adore our dogs, we’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate both the dogs AND the cats of Atelier Drome!

The puppies are more widely known because they get to visit the office while the cats stay home but in these days of hybrid working, the cats get to be part of the greater workplace. Many of our pets have even made appearances in virtual meetings. Check out our extended team below:


















Day 9: Potlucks

The potluck has been a cornerstone of the office since the beginning. We basically celebrate everything with a potluck and can always find an excuse to gather over a buffet of shared and curated, home-cooked food.

Someone new is joining the team? Potluck! Someone is moving from Seattle and has to leave the team? Potluck! Pi Day? Absolutely! Pie Potluck!

Since we haven't had a true potluck for a bit, we've found ways around it while keeping the spirit alive. It started last Christmas when we created the "vice swap" where everyone makes an item like cookies, treats or even mini cocktails. They are then bagged or bottled up individually, all brought to one central location, distributed and collected into goodie bags for each person. This means everyone gets an exciting bag full of things created by everyone else in the office!

This potluck 2.0 will be making an appearance for this years holiday as well!

Day 8: Darts

Nothing goes with beer and Fridays like a good game of darts!

In our kitchen, there has almost always been a dart board. In our current office in the Prefontaine Building, one of the first items of décor that went in was a line of tape on the floor denoting where to stand. Priorities.

We have a white board above the sink, which is supposedly for notes but let’s be honest, it’s for keeping score and for the winner to show off their victory until the next game wipes the slate clean for a new round.

Day 7: Flatstick Pub

It feels like Flatstick grew and evolved along the same timeline as we did over the years and has been a long-time client that we just adore working with on each and every new location. It's not to think about the last 10 years and not think of Flatstick Pub. Almost everyone in our office has been involved in one Flatstick location or another and we have quite literally built and installed several items by hand like the golf club sculptures and the wooden tables.

In addition to working on the design of the space for the Pioneer Square location, our office also happens to be located just up the street and spend time there whether it's hanging out with coffee, enjoying a drink from the bar or getting for a round of miniature golf.

Day 6: Team Mascots

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve developed a team system which, of course, need mascots!

First, we had Team Eagle and Team Cobra but as we grew and a new team was needed, Team Cobra was disbanded, and the Workout Bears and Red Pandas were formed alongside the Eagles. At one point we also had the Laser Cats. Recently, after some more growth, we rearranged all the teams and have the teams of Pizza Sloths, Noble Narwhals, Flaming Flamingos and the Owls.

All of our mascots over the past decade are represented in today's snowflake. Can you find them all?

Day 5: AteliYAY

Over the years, we’ve been asked countless times how to spell and say the first word in our name. Our #ateliYAY hashtag developed out of this request. And this is always our answer….ateliYAY!

Do we dislike having to always say and spell our name? Not at all! In fact, we love the fact that our name comes with a built-in curiosity factor where people want to know how to say it, how to spell it, what does it mean and then want to know more about the origin. We get asked about who we are without having to volunteer the information and we think that’s pretty fun!

Check out our Instagram stories with someone from our team saying it!

Day 4: Art Walk

Our love for Pioneer Square goes all the way back to the beginning. Over the past 10 years, we’ve grown and moved from multiple offices throughout the neighborhood, now in our third, and we’ve participated in many things but none dearer to us than the First Thursday Art Walk.

Even when we had an office that was more off the beaten path from the main galleries, we would feature artists and throw receptions in every effort to support our amazing local artists. Now, located right on the main gallery circuit, the most exciting part of our location is the ability to open our gallery space and holding regular receptions for a rotating schedule of local artists.

While covid has thrown our schedule for a loop at the moment, we continue to feature artists virtually. However, art was meant to be seen and experienced in person. We will open our doors again as soon as we can because we love getting to chat with artists in person and watch people’s face light up when they connect with that special piece.

Day 3: Donuts

Donuts have become a mainstay of the office. In our 2nd office location, we were near Top Pot and while the appearance of donuts in the office was intentionally irregular (but still weekly) it was often when people were particularly busy and someone would say, “Is it a donut day?” that a box would appear.

When we moved into our current office space, the distance to Top Pot was a concern. The donut box rarely appeared until one day it was declared that the donuts should be regular once again. One of our Principal’s, Henry, picked up a box of almost weekly. During the period of 2020, donuts were once again on the list of things everyone missed. However, now that we’re back in the office, Thursdays have turned into regular donut days!

It should also be pointed out that there is a particular way we eat the donuts. Rarely will someone grab an entire donut; they take a portion of a donut. The first person to open the box always grabs a knife. There’s no spoken rule to the donuts but everyone is always careful to take only half and makes sure that everyone’s known favorites are there.

Day 2: Solar Eclipse

On August 1, 2017, we all left the office to go over to the top of a nearby garage to view the solar eclipse. While we were up there, we could see all the other rooftops in downtown Seattle covered in people doing the same thing. Most of us forgot about the glasses and so we were only able to find child sized glasses that we held up to our face and passed around. Someone brought a welding shield and others made shapes with their hands onto large white pieces of paper and watched moon shape shadows appear in patterns across the paper.

Day 1: Parties

We love our parties and pretty much any excuse to gather over food and drinks.

There have been several over the years with a few recurring themes. There are the summer barbecues and the “Ginning is Winning” party, complete with some of the best drink names created by the host’s children. When someone moved into a new house and wanted to throw a housewarming, it morphed into the “Frisky Whiskey” party since it fell in February – and because we love our alliterations! There’s also the lamb roast and a weekend retreat up on Lummi Island with lawn games, tons of food, drinks and a night of karaoke before we all hit our tents on the beach.

It’s certainly been a bit since we’ve had a proper party and while we don’t know when the next one will be, we know it’ll happen!

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

2020 Snowflakes

For the 2020 designs, we chose to share a few of our favorite things.

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

DAY 1:




DAY 4:

DAY 5:

DAY 6:

Outdoor Dining



DAY 8:

DAY 9:

DAY 7:


Listening to Music


DAY 10:

DAY 11:

DAY 12:





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