12 Days of Snowflakes

Since 2013, ATELIER DROME has released a new set of designs every year to represent the 12 Days of Christmas. Creative minds in the office come up with fun designs that are often related to current events, pop culture or a particular theme.

This year, we created 12 unique patterns, each based on a different "Design Style." Starting on December 8, we reveal one each business day. We want to invite you to get to know more about design through this years snowflakes!

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2022 Snowflakes

Day 12: Art Nouveau

Snowflake 12 of 12: Art Nouveau. This design style is inspired by the natural world, which is an easy sentiment to relate to living in the Pacific Northwest. The design movement spanned a wide range of disciplines and artistic mediums and was known for utilizing flowing organic forms, favoring curves over straight lines and rigid geometry. Despite the geometric nature of the snowflake, George loves the elegant, naturalistic curves of this style and brought some of the organic quality into the snowflake throughout the design.

Snowflake design: George Maroussis

Day 11: Scandinavian

Snowflake 11 of 12: Scandinavian. The snowflake has a minimalist house form showcasing a simple snowflake symbol. A tulip and vase for the spring represents Scandinavian interior and product designs that have become world renowned and a backdrop of nature. Also featured are evergreen trees and wildlife.

Snowflake design: Steven Bohlman

Day 10: Japandi

Snowflake 10 of 12: Japandi. This new and trendy design style is the blend of two distinct aesthetics- Japanese and Scandinavian design. Since this style is known for having a minimal aesthetic and organic shapes; Kalie illustrates this snowflake by making the design a shape similar to a circle, with texture and a few elegant plants in the middle of the snowflake to emphasize that this design style is rooted in nature, maintaining simplicity, and intentionality.

Snowflake design: Kalie Presteen

Day 9: Tudor

Snowflake 9 of 12: Annie was inspired by the leaded windows often found in traditional Tudor architecture, as well as centered arches & heavy wood molding which are more typical of the Tudor Revival homes built in the US around the turn of the 20th century. Architecture during this time leaned towards using a high amount of timber, complex roofs, and large groups of rectangular windows.

Snowflake design: Annie Michels

Day 8: Mid-Century Modern

Snowflake 8 of 12: Mid-Century Modern. For Shane’s snowflake, he took inspiration from a couple of his Mid-Century decorative clocks. They are highly influenced by the Atomic age as well. This design style has become increasingly popular and is in high demand!

Snowflake design: Shane Staley

Day 7: Bauhaus

Snowflake 7 of 12: Bauhaus. For this snowflake design, Kalie was highly influenced by a specific building, which was the Avraham Soskin House, which is located in Tel Aviv in Israel. In fact, Tel Aviv has the richest collection of international style Bauhaus buildings in the entire world- with over 4,000 Bauhaus relics! Much of the inspiration for the snowflake came from emphasizing organic shapes, while contrasting with repetitious, linear lines that are often seen in this design style.

Snowflake design: Kalie Presteen

Day 6: Art Deco

Snowflake 6 of 12: Art Deco. This snowflake is inspired by the Seattle Exchange Building located downtown and was designed in the 1930s. As you will notice, there is a starburst icon in the middle of the snowflake- this has been illustrated to emulate the geometric shapes within the Art Deco design.

Snowflake design: Monita Huang

Day 5: Victorian

Snowflake 5 of 12: Victorian. This snowflake embodies the Victorian style in many cases, but especially because of the ornaments all throughout the design, along with the actual structure of the snowflake. Each side showcases a steeply pitched roof of a Victorian home with a window and various ornamental details inside.

Snowflake design: Kalie Presteen

Day 4: Arts & Crafts

Snowflake 4 of 12: Arts and Crafts. This snowflake depicts an intricate, nature-inspired wallpaper and fabric design by William Morris, a leader in the British Arts & Crafts movement. The American Craftsman style evolved from the British Arts & Crafts movement which emphasized a revival of artistic craft and skill in the decorative arts and drew inspiration from the beauty of the natural world.

Snowflake design: Stephanie Davis

Day 3: Federalist

Snowflake 3 of 12: Federalist. This snowflake echoes the features of Federalist design. The top curved portion of the snowflake resembles that of an archway over a window, and the center square illustrates subtle, decorative motifs. This snowflake embodies a structured, yet ornate feel to communicate the design style of the Federalist movement.

Snowflake design: Michelle Linden

Day 2: Brutalist

Snowflake 2 of 12: Brutalist. This is one of Miriam’s favorite architectural styles- she highly appreciates its unforgiving attention to form, shape, and treatment while expressing the versatility of concrete. This snowflake is based on the Geisel Library at UC San Diego and was designed by William Pereira in the 1960s and takes on a gem-like quality.

Snowflake design: Miriam Hinden

Day 1: Rococo

Snowflake 1 of 12: Rococo. Annie was inspired by the carved boiserie that was found everywhere in rococo interiors - the flourishes were often inspired by natural elements like plants, vines & animals. This style is known to be highly theatrical and the architecture that was created during this time was intended to impress and fill everyone with a sense of awe and wonder.

Snowflake design: Annie Michels

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