Since 2013, Atelier Drome has released a dozen snowflake patterns every year in December as the 12 Days of Snowflakes. Creative minds in the office come up with fun, original patterns related to events, pop culture and news tidbits related to our studio from the year. One pattern will release every business day leading up to Christmas. Take a look at this year’s designs below.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If you cut them out, we’d love to see your work! Send us a photo, video, or tag us on social media @atelierdrome.

Snowflake 12:

Trees of Occidental Park

For the finale of our snowflake series, we're paying homage to the majestic trees of Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. Their grandeur brings magic to our streets, especially during the holidays when they're adorned with twinkling lights. It's this enchanting atmosphere, in a place we've called home for so many years, that we had to capture in our final design as we look forward to a bright new year ahead!

Snowflake 11:

Rihanna Pregnancy Reveal

Today we're spotlighting Rihanna's show-stopping moment at the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show when she revealed her pregnancy in the most fabulous way. She captivated the world with her surprise reveal amidst a high-flying, spectacular performance. With her at center stage, who could remember there was even a football game on?

Snowflake 10:

Seattle Hosting MLB All-Stars

Celebrating our city's proud moment as the host of the Major League Baseball All-Star Week. This design artfully fuses the iconic star and Space Needle, creating a snowflake that mirrors a star itself. It's our homage to the unforgettable games, the communal passion for baseball, and the vibrant energy that turned Seattle into a shining star of family fun.

Snowflake 09:

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Power up your winter with a snowflake inspired by the Super Mario Bros. movie. This design jumps into the colorful, adventurous world of Mario and Luigi and the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Snowflake 08: Megan Rapinoe!

We honor the legendary Megan Rapinoe, who hung up her cleats in 2023. This snowflake design is a tribute to her incredible career and the impact she's made both on and off the field. A symbol of strength, skill, and advocacy, let this snowflake remind us of the legacy she leaves behind.

Snowflake 07: Barbie

Embrace the whimsy and wonder with our snowflake homage to the vibrant Barbie movie. Capturing Barbie's journey from her picture-perfect world to embracing her unique humanity, the movie reflects the blend of fantasy and reality. A sparkling reminder that perfection lies in being authentically you.

Snowflake 06: Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Celebrating Taylor Swift's iconic Eras Tour with a snowflake as heartfelt as her music. Inspired by the way Taylor ends her shows with a heart signal, this design captures the love and connection she shares with her fans. Embrace the Swiftie spirit as you craft this snowflake.

Snowflake 05: Twitter Becomes X

Today we're capturing a moment in digital history - the transformation of Twitter's iconic bird to its new X symbol, leading to a brand that lacks clarity. This snowflake design symbolizes the evolution and change, a nod to the ever-shifting landscape of social media.

Snowflake 04: Wait...Aliens are real?!

This year's scientific discoveries have sparked our imagination and curiosity. Inspired by the ever-intriguing search for extraterrestrial life, our design captures the essence of cosmic wonder. Are we alone in the universe? While we ponder, why not craft this spacecraft-inspired snowflake?

Snowflake 03: Oppenheimer

We're bringing the drama and intensity of the latest Oppenheimer movie to life in a snowflake design. Capturing the cinematic essence of this gripping tale, our snowflake is a tribute to the film's powerful narrative and stunning visuals.

Snowflake 02:

Beyonce's Renaissance Tour

This design seeks to capture an element of the tour's silver-studded spectacular and is inspired by Beyoncé's show-stopping wardrobe, including her iconic bold bodysuit.

Snowflake 01:

New Office! The Victor Dog Mural

Inspired by the iconic RCA Victor mural in our new office. This year's big move brought us to a stunning space in Occidental Square, where exposed brick, elegant archways, and this charming mural bring life to our conference room.⁣