Practical Holiday Decorating

If you’re anything like us, your schedule is often packed and while you want to decorate your home and celebrate the change of the seasons, worrying about when to put up your decorations – or worse, when to take them down – can be hard to keep track of when time is flying by. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back this year with some practical decorating tips that last longer than your in-laws taking over your guest room!

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite holiday decorating tips that will not only make you look like a seasoned pro but come January, you won’t be worrying about the fact that your holiday decorations are still up because your smart decorating will last beautifully through the new year and well into winter. People will even be amazed by your ability to decorate for the winter – not knowing that you actually still have your holiday decorations up! If there’s anything we like more than looking beautiful, it’s looking smart!

You may have heard the term working smarter not harder and this absolutely applies to decorating as well. Cheers to you and looking like you’re at the top of your game and killin’ this season!

Top 5 picks to get you decorating this season

1. Functional Foliage

Often a home’s holiday decorating strategy centers around a tree but not every has the time to get a real one, set up a faux one or the space to display either. Try a smaller rosemary plant that has been clipped into a tree form instead! Not only does it feel like a traditional holiday decoration during the month of December but after the holidays have passed, the evergreen shrub adds greenery and doubles as a useful herb in cooking many delicious winter dishes. They’ll often come potted in something neutral or wrapped in paper or foil and you can always add a bright red ribbon for an extra festive touch.

photo: Whole Foods

2. Spice Things Up

Don’t forget just how much a fragrance can transform any space! For that delicious ambience of fresh-baked pie, boil some water add any of the following to please your senses: cinnamon sticks, orange ring, vanilla, cloves and even add some old soft apples that you might have left over. This beats a candle with toxic paraffins and smells delish! *This also happens to be a great trick when selling a home to give potential buyers that homey feeling!

3. Keep It Real

Look for natural items that aren’t holiday specific like pinecones (plain, wax covered, flocked or even wooden) that can dress up a fireplace, twigs in a colorful vase or birch logs to dress up a living room. These can help dress up any room without giving you that nagging feeling that you left up your decorations for too long. You can even pair some natural items with your fruit to create a table display. *If you choose pinecones from outside, bake them at 200 degrees on a foil lined cookie sheet for 30 minutes to ensure the sap is dried up and you don’t accidentally bring in any unwanted guests.

photo: Crate and Barrel

4. Edible Color

Winter perishables like pears, pomegranates and red and green apples not only add a pop of color but are edible and a great fall transitional piece. All you need is a way to display them that will provide that extra special finish. You may even already have something on hand! Choose something simple like a ceramic or wood bowl, a glass bowl, jar or container or even a cutting board or decorative piece of wood. You can choose to display a mix of colors or one monotone look that varies in texture. Consider adding other items like small white pumpkins, fresh herbs or chestnuts. You can easily find any combination of winter fruits and vegetables to fit seamlessly with the color scheme of our home.

5. Let There Be Light

One of the more difficult things about this time of year – especially in the Pacific Northwest – is the lack of light. Bring light into your home during the darker time of year and you not only brightens the home but brighten everyone’s mood with the cozy ambience. Neutral colors like white or gold will fit seamlessly into any decorating scheme and transition beautifully from holiday décor to acting as seasonal touch to get through the winter lull. Small lights work well inside as well as festoon lights that can be strung indoor or create an inviting space outside for sitting as if outside your favorite European café.

photo: ebay

Quality Over Quantity

Perhaps most importantly – don’t feel like you need to overdo it. A few simple touches here and there can easily transform any room to match the seasons. Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to any kind of decorating. Focus on the key areas of your home where you spend the most time with family or entertaining.