Placemaking is at the core of what we do. We strive to create meaningful places because we believe that good design truly has a positive impact on the lives of those who use it. In our multi-family and mixed-use projects, we are passionate about design that centers on community, creating spaces and homes that bring people together and forge lasting connections between people and place.



Multi-Family /

Mixed-Use Design

At Atelier Drome, we see multi-family and mixed-use projects as an opportunity to build community in our rapidly growing city. Our goal is to create spaces where residents and the public have pathways for cross-pollination, developing stronger neighborhood connections. Our human-centered design approach focuses on efficient strategies for creating spaces that serve a diverse range of needs and functions, while always keeping an eye to marketability.

We embrace an interplay of functionality and aesthetics to create vibrant communities that foster harmony and engagement. Our designs are fresh, relevant and contextual. We engage in a rigorous planning and design process that considers sustainability, zoning and code compliance, as well as key factors provided by our clients including neighborhood demographics and market demands. What results are designs that maximize efficiencies to create meaningful, enriching environments.

With architectural, interior design and graphic presentation services in-house, as well as established relationships with various specialty consultants, we have the technical expertise to handle your project from initial planning through construction, and can assist with sales materials along the way. Our extensive project experience in the greater Seattle region means we’re equipped to navigate the logistical complexities of permitting and construction, bringing projects to successful completion.

Common Areas

Furnishings + Decor

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial design, we bring a background of creating spaces that are welcoming, comfortable and functional. We are uniquely qualified to create lobbies, common areas and community spaces that feel like an extension of home, while always maintaining durability, longevity and life safety standards. We’ll work closely with your team through all phases of the project from design vision, budget development and space planning to final procurement and installation. We will be on site to coordinate deliveries and oversee final furniture placement, ensuring the final result is exactly as intended.



Developer Pre-Lease Services

As a building owner, it can be challenging to present your space in such a way that allows potential tenants to visualize their business inside. Atelier Drome takes out the guesswork by helping you understand what prospective tenants are looking for, and strategize ways to best accommodate those needs. We’ll help you articulate the range of possibilities available for your property, ensuring you attract the perfect tenant.

Tenant Pre-Lease Services

Finding the perfect space for your business can feel daunting. Our team works closely with you to help locate the right space and ensure it’s the perfect fit before signing a lease. We thoroughly vet properties for land use and building code requirements, helping you avoid delays and unexpected costs. Working quickly to uncover the possibilities and limitations of potential properties, we help determine whether a space can be used as-is, will require renovation, or simply won’t work. Our extensive experience in Seattle’s competitive and time-sensitive real estate market gives you a leg up, ensuring the best chance of securing your perfect space. Our pre-lease services save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your business.


Model Unit Design


Improve your sales with beautifully designed and staged model units. Our professional interior designers can specify, procure and install furnishings and décor that will appeal to your target market. With design experience in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, we can tailor design solutions to make units camera-ready. We’ll work closely with your team through all stages of the process, from design vision, to budget development and space planning, all the way to purchasing and installation. We coordinate delivery, installation and final placement of furnishings to ensure the final product meets your exacting expectations.

Marketing, Leasing + Sales Tools

We offer in-house graphic services to help you jump start the sales process. Our team has experience creating presentation visuals that can be used for everything from design review packages to pre-sale marketing presentations. We are experienced in creating rendered unit space plans, and physical and digital presentation boards. We enjoy working with internal marketing teams to create the perfect visual product for your website and marketing collateral.

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