From back-alley Izakaya to modern American deli fare, Seattle University’s renovated food service area is a vibrant and activated marketplace with an array of enticing options. Located on the second floor of the University Student Center, the prior Servery was outdated and relied on cafeteria-style trays and centralized pay stations. Our team revitalized the nearly 20-year-old space both conceptually and aesthetically, integrating eight walk-up style restaurant “kiosks,” and differentiating each of their distinct cuisines and design identities within the space.

As a central hub for students and faculty, the food service area is an essential resource which had to remain functional through construction. With this in mind, the team decided to build the project in phases, first completing the three kiosks located outside of the central Servery: Puget Pour, stationed at the top of the main stairs; and Tu Taco and Emerald Bowl, both located in the East dining area. The later phase included the five kiosks within the Servery: Capitol Hill Deli, Revolution, Red Hot Rudy’s, Thrive, and C-Street To Go.

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C Street To Go

Tying the space together is the centrally located C-Street To Go. Ideal for students in need of a quick pick-me-up on their way to class, the kiosk features self-serve options such as a salad bar, cereals, pastries and breads, beverages, and pre-wrapped sandwiches. The area operates similarly to a retail store, allowing students independence to mix and match items. The design for the kiosk is eye-catching but transparent, allowing visitors to easily orient themselves to the full range of dining options around the space. Walls are treated with warm diagonal wood with white highlights and details. Pay areas are identified by cabinetry skinned in white quartz, giving the impression of a solid mass. C-Street To Go, a bustling hub of activity, pulls together the design elements from the rest of the space to establish the Servery as the cuisine-centered heart of campus.

Red Hot Rudy's

Drawing customers into the farthest corner of the Servery is Red Hot Rudy’s. This rustic-yet-refined burger bar is anchored by two oversized masonry columns and features convenient self-order and pay stations. The material palette is rugged and evocative, creating a laid-back vibe within the larger bustling space. The ordering counter is dark-stained wood panel, with concrete countertops and a black steel structure overhead to support the menu displays. The service area is clean and utilitarian, clad in stainless steel paneling.


Drawing inspiration from noodle bars throughout Asia, mixing with a modern, edgy aesthetic, Revolution is a destination for students and faculty alike. The concept shows off a custom geometric latticework, an iconic lantern, powder coated steel lettering, and alluring accent colors. At Revolution, diners are served hearty, authentic Asian noodle bowls in a space lined in warm wood slats and topped by a vivid red canopy.

Capitol Hill Deli

Capitol Hill Deli is an engaging and approachable eatery, located on a highly visible corner as you enter the space from the East. Featuring made-to-order sandwiches, the bright and modern design incorporates graphic touches referencing delis of decades past. A massive white quartz ordering counter transitions into a white and blue patterned tile pick-up area. Above, bold block lettering announces the name of the establishment, accented by bright yellow pendant lights. A teak shelf wall wraps the kiosk with warmth, which is punctuated by decorative shelving and nooks for self-serve condiments and utensils.


Thrive is a health-sensitive eatery featuring a fresh and playful design. The kiosk’s name originates from its mission: to provide nourishing food options, free of major allergens. The “clean food” concept is exemplified in the design, showcasing natural woods, tactile surfaces, and bright pops of green which evoke the fresh ingredients. Neatly stacked tiles line the front face of the counter, and a floating metal frame overhead brings a sense of industrial edge.

Emerald Bowl

Drawing inspiration from back-alley Izakaya restaurants in Tokyo, Emerald Bowl is a multi-layered feast for the eyes, with overhead awnings, hanging lanterns, and bold signage. Located on the West wall of the East dining area, the restaurant is centered on a massive 4-wok cooktop. Counters are staggered vertically to accommodate variable heights of equipment, service, and eating surfaces, mirroring the informal patchwork of metal and wood screens above.

Tu Taco

Tu Taco, taking cues from much-beloved taco trucks, integrates a Latin American street festival vibe into a highly-functional, student-friendly atmosphere. Panels are painted a bold red, and a reclaimed wood counter and corrugated metal materials add a rustic and edgy feel. A vivid green logo mural and splashy patterned tiles contribute to the festive atmosphere. The kiosk also incorporates a flexible lock-up system, with sliding security screens hidden behind lofted enclosure panels.

Puget Pour

Located at the entrance to the 2nd floor dining areas, Puget Pour is a sleek and refreshed adaptation of a collegiate coffee stop. Flanked by the student organization desk and a built-in seating area, the design integrates the kiosk seamlessly into its surroundings. The height of the module is capped at 8 feet, to maintain visibility and openness within the larger space. Bright and airy materials lend a sense of permeability to the kiosk, including textural patterned tiling and open, wood slat walls.


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