Bryn Rose Quarles Cocktail Co. is a beverage company creating individually bottled, handcrafted cocktails that feature a twist on the classics. The company curates ingredients from local growers and socially-conscious brands that are fresh and built on years of spirited heritage and masterful ingredient pairings. The founder and innovative mixologist, Bryn Rose Quarles, has built her business on the belief that everyone deserves access to fine, custom-crafted beverages and seeks to bring both adult and family-friendly recipes to the market in an approachable and fun way.

Logo Direction

There is a strong sense of heritage with multi-generational experience and knowledge as the foundation of Bryn Rose Quarles Cocktail Co. This was an important foundation for the visual identity to add depth, trust, and reliability to the brand.

A custom logotype was designed over a hand-drawn illustration of a snake entwined around a citrus branch— symbolizing the value of heritage with a hint of playful transgression. The Q in the 'Quarles' name was a particular focal point of the design process, and several directions were explored to find just the right look that would blend heritage and modern styling in an iconic symbol that could double as a standalone symbol for other branding applications and become a playful element utilizing the full vibrant color palette.

The significance of the handcrafted illustration

The hand-drawn snake, entwined with a citrus branch, holds deep historical and personal significance, reflecting the playful essence of mixology. Drawing from the caduceus, it symbolizes cocktails as 'elixirs', reminiscent of historic remedies blending herbs and spirits. For Bryn, her cocktails are modern potions, echoing the whimsical promises of old-timey ads.

The snake is also a tribute to Bryn's own tattoo, prominently displayed on her forearm. This emblem serves as a representation of her ethos: blending the seemingly rebellious or "evil" allure of spirits with the delightful joy of cocktails. It's a testament to Bryn's belief in embracing the fun side of life, not getting bogged down by conventions, and reveling in the unexpected twists that come from mixing the traditional with the modern.

Expanding the visual identity: The Q as a symbol

Born from a rich legacy of family tradition and ingredient mastery, the Bryn Rose Quarles Cocktail Co. naturally lends itself to a distinctive emblem derived from its namesake, transforming the "Q" in Quarles into an iconic symbol. This design choice is not only meaningful but also practical, providing an ideally proportioned icon for various applications, including social media profile pictures, stamps, seals, stickers, and bottle caps where a more equally proportioned symbol is ideal. This versatile symbol can stand alone or be integrated as a distinctive element within a shape, over an image, expanded into a versatile pattern, and rendered in any of the brand's vibrant signature colors.

Brand Photography

As an emerging cocktail enterprise, Bryn Rose Quarles Cocktail Co. sought to generate buzz with a preliminary release of brand photographs across social media platforms. This was strategically planned to spark intrigue and conversation ahead of their comprehensive brand identity and website launch. The images were crafted during the logo design's early conceptual phase, serving a dual purpose as an interactive strategy and style-boarding process. This dynamic method resulted in visuals that not only fueled initial interest but also informed the foundation of our brand identity design process, effectively bridging the creative processes.


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