This three-story single-family home is nestled near Greenlake in Seattle and was built from the ground up with the goal to accommodate a growing family while featuring a stylish contemporary design. Originally, the project was designed as a remodel, but during the initial demolition phase, it was determined that the existing home wasn’t worth saving, and instead was torn down. This also allowed the home to be relocated on the lot, accommodating ample space for the home, yard for the children to play, as well as a separate living unit for family or friends to stay in the basement. The exterior of the home is intended to respond to the neighborhood context in an updated Craftsman style, with a brilliant blue paint, paired with a bright white trim throughout. A mix of board, batten, and lap siding help to break up the volume of the home, with stained cedar soffits that add warmth and richness.

The main floor features a modern, open plan concept connecting the primary living areas into a continuous great room, while still creating distinct spaces. Each area references common details and materials for a sense of continuity, with a slightly unique spin. The craftsman style ceiling coffers and trim help to delineate these areas while maintaining the holistic flow throughout the entire space as you walk through.

Walking into this home you are greeted with bold black walls and ceiling within the main entrance, which continue into the adjacent den. This helps to create a feeling that this area is a separate, more intimate space within the open floor concept. The staircase railing is also highlighted in black as a focal point when you enter the home. A mini bar is located between the fireplace and the wall of the kitchen- creating an opportunity for welcoming a guest with a drink. To the right of the entrance there is a cheerful powder room that has an organic patterned wallpaper that is paired with the playful green cabinet and gold fixtures.

Making our way towards the kitchen, the cabinets are painted with a neutral blue that ties in with the tones from the tile of the fireplace surrounds. Brass cabinet hardware and lighting provide a distinctive contrast and a bit of luxury. The expansive island is the jewel of the open floor plan and the true heart of the home. The waterfall quartz countertops, sleek cooktop and flush mounted range hood help amplify the polished feel. The countertop bar seating across the island also creates a space for feeding the family or for entertaining.

Within the kitchen there is a coffee nook housing more cabinets, microwave, mini fridge, and a counter space to create a cup of coffee. The white tile backsplash in this area matches the backsplash within the main kitchen creating consistency and balance. Next to the coffee nook a walk-in pantry provides ample space for storage that is tucked away. As you enter the pantry are there is a large chalk wall that also functions as a play area for the children to cultivate their imaginations.

As you walk across the open floor plan, the dining room is fully lit with windows on all sides, creating an illuminated glow while dining and sharing time with loved ones. To the right of the dining room there is the living room that has an additional fireplace, featuring a more modern, monolithic hearth with herringbone patterned tile stretching from the ground to the ceiling. To the side of the fireplace, stained wood open shelving provides a space to showcase favorite plants or objects. Along the far side of the dining and living room, an array of glass folding doors connect the living area to the large, covered deck facing the rear yard, allowing for a seamless connection between the interior and outdoor both visually and spatially.

On the second floor, the primary bedroom and the children’s rooms showcase expansive windows with brightly lit spaces. The primary bedroom is large and fully illuminated with skylights and a vaulted ceiling above, allowing for the jewel-toned blue walls and gold light fixture to shine. The primary bathroom is polished yet playful, incorporating a patterned tile mixed with the fresh white cabinets and walls making for a luxurious space to unwind.

The upstairs office maintains high ceilings, and ample light from windows on two sides, providing a welcoming work from home experience. Within the laundry room there is a variety of storage options, with both open shelving and built-ins. The upstairs kids’ bathroom is playfully fresh with crisp white cabinets, marble countertops, paired with a patterned tile for the flooring.

Perched above the staircase is a vast vaulted ceiling that features two skylights and a large window, allowing natural light to enter and fill the stairwell area. The drama of the main floor spaces is connected visually to the lighter spaces on the second floor by the black railing and gold light fixture above. This open stair provides a feeling of connectivity between the public and private spaces throughout the home.

Walking downstairs, you are given a choice of direction at the landing – to continue downstairs to the accessory dwelling unit, or a glass door can guide you outside to the lush side yard. The walk-out basement contains a full kitchen, an additional bedroom, bathroom, and a recreational space as well. This entire level is quite spacious and is planned to be a space where guests and family can come to stay and be comfortable with their own living quarters. The rec room is particularly exceptionally bright with multiple windows and glass doors that enter the backyard where you can view the abundant greens and access the detached garage as well.


Seattle, Washington




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