Formerly known as Club Roule, the Club aims to establish a unique identity centered around its values and events, separate from the Roule clothing brand. This separation will empower both entities with the freedom to evolve and grow in their respective spheres. The club brings together diverse individuals, united by a shared love for cycling and the camaraderie it fosters. The new name reflects the popularity of the club’s “Endless Summer” ride and the goal to make it a year-long tradition.

This club stands out as serving a deeper purpose beyond a shared hobby - it provides a treasured sense of community. For many members, this communal experience is a deeply personal need. Despite the different motivations behind joining, the universal appeal lies in the pursuit of camaraderie and belonging. The Club transcends the boundaries of cycling to foster a family-like collective that moves in harmony, embodying the essence of synergy and flow.

The design concept for the new visual identity echoes these values. It embraces the idea of unity in diversity, underscoring the club's dynamic spirit of collective progress while honoring individuality. Each letter in the Club's logo subtly leans into the other, symbolizing the distinct identity of each member while conveying their shared rhythm. The serif tails further depict the ethos of reciprocal support, whether it's following the lead of another member or providing a gentle push to those who might need a boost. This dynamic balance of give and take, performed in unison, forms the backbone of this Club's spirit.

Visual Identity Development

The original logo was analyzed for its strengths, such as the natural fit of green in the identity’s color palette and the hand-drawn illustration style that conveyed the handmade quality of the floral arrangements. For the typefaces, luxurious options resembled hand-lettered invitations, fashion magazines, and high-end beauty products. The color palette features soft and muted tones complemented by a modern black-and-white foundation. Variations in green and pink tones were explored, including pastel shades, deeper saturated tones, and foundational gray, black, and white tones with enough depth for the signature blush tones to stand out.

Style Board featuring logo, type, color, and style direction through found imagery

Sculpting the identity

The visual identity blends approachability and modern luxury to create a timeless style that will become more iconic over time. It draws inspiration from the romantic and sculptural nature of the handmade floral designs, each crafted with care using special techniques to shape petals into unique forms.

Primary Logo

The type-based logo establishes brand recognition and conveys the brand style with a fashion-inspired serif type featuring interconnected letters. The logo appeals to those who value style and luxury, while the interconnected letters take inspiration from the uniquely sculpted floral arrangements.


The iconic mark symbolizes the bending and manipulation of petals to create the romantic and sculptural designs that Emerald City Flowers is known for. The clean and modern design is intended to capture attention, stand the test of time, and remain versatile and readable in both digital and print contexts. Its square dimensions make it ideal as a profile icon for any social media platform.


Several emblem variations were created from the submark to enhance the responsive nature of the brand identity system. These emblems are suitable for use as social media profile badges, stickers for delivery boxes, and designs for t-shirts worn by crew members on installation days.


Identity Development