Formerly known as Club Roule, the Club aims to establish a unique identity centered around its values and events, separate from the Roule clothing brand. This separation will empower both entities with the freedom to evolve and grow in their respective spheres. The club brings together diverse individuals, united by a shared love for cycling and the camaraderie it fosters. The new name reflects the popularity of the club’s “Endless Summer” ride and the goal to make it a year-long tradition.

This club stands out as serving a deeper purpose beyond a shared hobby - it provides a treasured sense of community. For many members, this communal experience is a deeply personal need. Despite the different motivations behind joining, the universal appeal lies in the pursuit of camaraderie and belonging. The Club transcends the boundaries of cycling to foster a family-like collective that moves in harmony, embodying the essence of synergy and flow.

A New Identity: Harmonizing individuality and unity

The design concept for the new visual identity is a mirror to the club's values, embodying the principle of unity in diversity and capturing the club's dynamic ethos of collective advancement while respecting individual uniqueness. In the custom logotype, each letter seamlessly melds into the next, signifying the distinct character of each member within the shared rhythm of the group. The soft, fluid curves in the design replace rigidity with flexibility, reflecting the adaptability of the club.

The use of serifs represent the ethos of mutual assistance, symbolizing both the act of following a fellow member's lead and providing a supportive nudge to those needing a lift. This delicate interplay of giving and receiving, performed in harmony, encapsulates the very spirit of the club.

Embracing Adaptability: Crafting a responsive system

For a cycling club, where the logo features prominently across an array of riding gear, accessories, print materials, digital spaces, and through community partners, an adaptable and responsive identity system is paramount. Beyond developing a versatile logo system, supportive elements were crafted, facilitating fully branded gear. This entire system is designed to be highly interchangeable, ensuring the Club's identity remains consistent anywhere it might be seen.

Symbolizing transformation and unity

The motif of a moth emerged as a powerful symbol. Serving as a refuge for those undergoing major life transitions, the club offers a space for acceptance and acknowledgment, independent of cycling proficiency. The moth symbolized transformation, collective independence, and light-seeking. These values are embodied in the Club's potential future slogan, "Find Your Porch Light," representing the discovery of a community that appreciates individual uniqueness.


Identity Development