March 15, 2023

Furniture Specification: Selecting the Perfect Pieces for Your Space

Shopping for furniture and accessories can be a daunting task, and not everyone enjoys the process. Even for those of us who enjoy shopping, it is still a challenge to select furniture and accessories that provide a cohesive and exciting design vision. 

This is where the professionals come in.

Hiring an experienced, professional design team to help with furniture will provide you with complete solutions rather than just piecemeal items. The design team will consider your specific needs – whether that is comfort for an old injury, extra height for tall family members, allergies, or just a general aversion to a certain color. So often, what looks good online or even in the store just isn’t appropriately scaled for your home – and no one wants to figure that out after the furniture has been delivered.

If you still need to purchase your furniture, there’s likely a reason you haven’t taken the plunge. Perhaps you are short on resources like time and money or have trouble wrapping your head around a cohesive design vision. Regardless of the issue, a professional designer can help. As problem solvers, designers are highly experienced at navigating these challenges and can help you make the best choices for your space.

And don’t forget all the accessories that come with buying furniture – bath towels, vases, candle holders, etc. Designers can help with all those details and ensure that your space feels complete and fully yours.

Keeping it Cohesive

Are you starting a construction project? If so, it could be an excellent time to consider if your old furniture fits in with the new vision for your home. For example, a larger bedroom may require a larger bed and nightstands. Your table may need to be resized if you have a new dining room or eat-in kitchen. Similarly, a new living space may call for a new sofa or sectional. If you have a new home office, it’s important to make sure that your furniture fits the space appropriately. Or you may simply find that your old hand-me-down furniture no longer fits with the style of your new home.

Achieving Balance

In any household, it’s common for each partner to be drawn to different things, but the goal is to find a balanced vision that works for both sides. As designers, we are skilled in helping find compromise when needed and acting as advisers to find the best solution. Designers also help keep the finances in check by presenting an overall budget and advising on where to save and where to splurge. The budget can be fine-tuned item by item, if necessary, but we find it is more important to look at the budget as a whole.

Perfecting Your Presentation

Designers excel at keeping the overall vision in mind, collating, and pairing all the items together, making sure the design is balanced throughout each room and throughout the home. It might be “easy” to find a set of dining chairs that you like but it’s another thing to pair them successfully with a table, rug, and chandelier. We understand the million tiny things to consider when shopping for furniture, such as fit, durability, compatibility with other items, and design.

Design vs. Function

Designers understand the importance of balancing design with function. When it comes to furniture, we can guide our clients towards pieces that serve a specific purpose, such as a tet-e-tete chair or valet chair. Our knowledge of furniture history and types allows us to recommend pieces that look great and serve a specific function. Additionally, our familiarity with design language can help narrow the search for the perfect piece. Whether it’s a Louis XIV chair, fluted or cabriole legs, etc., we have the expertise to help find the perfect balance of design and function for each client’s unique needs.

We also understand trends – what is current, what is on its way out, and what is timeless. Our job is to help you with a design that you’ll be excited about for a long time.

Vendor Selection

Finally, vendor selection is equally important, and a designer will know where to go from experience. We work at any price point and have a vast catalog of resources to search from. You won’t need to get stuck in an internet rabbit hole, as that’s our job. If a sit test is important, we have a broad knowledge of local vendors and showrooms. We can also specify USA-made vendors if you prefer. Our goal is to help you navigate the furniture specification process and make it a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

The furniture specification process can be overwhelming and challenging, but with the help of a professional design team, it can become a seamless and enjoyable experience. Skilled professionals understand the importance of balancing design and function while also taking into consideration your unique needs, budget, and style. From selecting the right vendors to creating a cohesive and balanced design vision, experienced designers are equipped with the expertise and experience to make your dream space a reality.

photos: Atelier Drome

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