We understand the intricacies of creating a physical space that will serve your business’s functional and aesthetic needs. Your space is an extension of your business and how customers physically experience your brand. We know that every detail, from space planning to sourcing furnishings and accessories to final placement and installation, contributes to the holistic atmosphere customers encounter the minute they walk in the door. We work with you to ensure the design of your space perfectly matches the brand experience you want to create. Whether searching for a new space, updating an existing one, or testing the feasibility of various design options, Atelier Drome supports you every step of the way.



Tenant Improvement Buildouts

The success of your business hinges on how well a space serves your employees’ needs and adds to their productivity. At the same time, it needs to provide a meaningful experience to your customers—one they rave about and that keeps them coming back again and again. Every business has unique needs, which is why one of our core values is listening—not just to what you envision for the layout of your space, but also how your culture or brand should inform the design. Whether a spa, retail location, or office, the design should be an extension of your brand—one that creates an experiential connection between your customers and your core brand ethos.

Commercial Interior Design + Decor

Commercial interior design packages offer a comprehensive way to integrate your visual branding into your physical space. If needed, our talented design team can work with you to develop a brand concept based on your business’ unique offerings. Having our professional eye on every detail ensures a seamless integration between your visual identity and your business’ built environment.

Your space is how customers physically experience your brand. Carefully selected finishes, furnishings, and customized design elements can define your brand experience and set your business apart. We work diligently to ensure every design element supports your vision, meets your budget, and is seamlessly executed.

Experienced project management, order coordination, and installation services, as well as vendor and consultant management ensure a successful project from start to finish. We work with you on all the details to create a smooth transition from the completion of construction to putting the finishing touches on a move-in ready space. Commercial interior design services typically include: conceptual development to reflect your current brand identity or help design a new one; selection of interior fixtures, furnishings, décor, and surfaces including paint colors and flooring; space planning for furnishings, displays, accessories, and artwork; design of custom furnishings, casework, carpet, or accessories to reflect your unique brand; procurement services for furnishings and décor; and coordinating consultants such as signage or wayfinding, as needed. Through it all, our experienced project managers will oversee budget, timeline, and final deliveries and installation.


Historic Renovations

In Seattle, a building’s history is often something to be celebrated. Our historic renovation services preserve the integrity of a building and honor the existing structure, while making it suitable for modern use. Not only are we committed to bringing the building up to today’s standards, we also want to prepare it for the future by extending its life for years to come. We are passionate about balancing the rich history of your building with today’s modern codes and regulations to bring you the best possible design solutions.

Navigating the required permits and guidelines required for an historic renovation and/or substantial alteration can be complicated. Our extensive experience with the permitting process in Seattle means we can guide you through both the administrative and design aspects of a project to make the process as straightforward and painless as possible.



Feasibility Studies

With your dream design in mind, we work with you to determine whether a site or space can feasibly accommodate your vision—before you invest any time and money. Knowing whether the proposed use will trigger required upgrades to the space, and whether a building lies within a neighborhood design review area are two aspects paramount to understanding potential costs and timelines for a project. Every property has its own unique conditions, and our team can determine exactly what may be built as well as identify any potential concerns or budget considerations.

We help you visualize the range of possibilities available for a specific property so that planning and construction can begin with as few surprises as possible. Our team is experienced in presenting to Neighborhood Design Review Boards, conveying designs in humanistic and experiential terms that allow reviewers to understand the core values of a design.

Tenant Pre-Lease Services

Finding the perfect space for your business can feel daunting. Our team works closely with you to help locate the right space and ensure it’s the perfect fit before signing a lease. We thoroughly vet properties for land use and building code requirements, helping you avoid delays and unexpected costs. Working quickly to uncover the possibilities and limitations of potential properties, we help determine whether a space can be used as-is, will require renovation, or simply won’t work. Our extensive experience in Seattle’s competitive and time-sensitive real estate market gives you a leg up, ensuring the best chance of securing your perfect space. Our pre-lease services save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your business.

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