Call To Action

Photo: Hope for a better future still remains by Hedayatullah Amid out of Kabul, Afghanistan

Right now, many are fleeing and fighting for their safety and rights in Afghanistan. Many of us are having trouble finding the right words right now but are wondering how to help the Afghan people – both those who have left and those who are unable. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable. These are some resources that we would like to share.

Here are a few ways you can help right now:

Support your local organizations helping Afghan refugees.

Afghan Health Initiative (@afghanhealthahi) is a WA-based nonprofit serving the immigrant Afghan population, currently helping connect refugees with emergency temporary places to stay for up to a week while they await permanent housing solutions. You can donate directly to their organization or volunteer to act as a host for a family.

Here is the link for google doc to sign up if you are able to host.

Support women and children in Afghanistan.

Women for Afghan Women (@womenforafghanwomen) works to promote women’s rights and provide protection for women and children in Afghanistan. While they have had to evacuate their centers and staff due to safety, they continue to work to provide safe shelter, resources and aid to thousands of women, children, families and staff.

You can donate through their website:

Women’s Refugee Commission (@womensrefugeecommission) advocates for rights and protection of refugee women, children and youth displaced by conflict or crisis.

Support humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) (@doctorswithoutborders / @msf_Afghanistan on Twitter): The Afghan unit of Doctors Without Borders is providing urgently needed medical care in Afghanistan. Go to their website to donate: 

Support women journalists and women’s media in Afghanistan. 

Women journalists face massive threats and have had to hide their identities. Follow and support Rukhshana Media (@RukhshanaMedia) and Sahar Speaks (@Sahar_Speaks on Twitter), both staffed by Afghan women journalists. 

Here’s a link to a page that is taking donations to help Rukhshana give a voice to women and girls.

Sign Petition calling to protect the lives and rights of Afghan women.

Pres. Biden and Congress: Ensure Afghan Women’s rights alongside peace with the Taliban