4 Ways to Use Viva Magenta in Your Home

Image source: Elite Daily

The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year – Viva Magenta is a powerful and audacious color that is a brilliant balance between warm and cool tones. This magenta shade traces its organic origins to the cochineal, the insect from which the natural dye carmine is derived. Nearly three years into the pandemic and a vast amount of uncertainty we are ready to heal. Viva Magenta gives us the power and the motivation to press forward! Since the pandemic, more people are enjoying outdoor activities and travels, giving us a heightened appreciation and awareness of nature. Last year, Pantone’s Very Peri also spoke to the balance between nature and technology, but what sets this magenta color apart is its “ability to answer our collective need for strength.” In this blog post we’ll be covering four useful ways that you can easily incorporate Viva Magenta into your home!

1. Accent Wall

Incorporating Viva Magenta as an accent color for a wall is a great, versatile option because this allows for the option to repaint in the future, if desired. A living room is a particularly good spot for a burst of color. This is usually one of the first locations in a home that a guest will encounter, and some color could provide a welcoming and invigorating atmosphere.

If you decide to go big and paint an entire wall, consider keeping all the other elements in the space neutral to avoid a feeling of overwhelm. You could pair with pale greys, blues, or pastels or even select dark pieces to maintain a cohesive balance in the room.

Another way to incorporate this beautiful tone is through wallpaper. Pick details and styles that add a personal touch to your home. The primary bath in our Gatewood home adds personality and visual interest at the vanity portion of this otherwise neutral primary bath. Wallpaper can also be easily removed, so if you change your mind in the future you can always opt for a new design or even go for the next hot color!

Utilizing magenta tile within a bathroom can add a playful element in the space. As a note, this color pairs beautifully with indoor plants throughout!

2. Cabinets

Another opportunity to add a splash of Viva Magenta into your home is by adding it to cabinets in the kitchen area or even the mudroom. Kitchens are often the heart of the home–where we cook, entertain, and catch up with loved ones–so it can be an excellent space to add a punch of color. Areas where we spend most of our time should also be full of life and vitality! Viva Magenta is just that. Displaying the color on a kitchen island can instantly add a burst of cheer while painting a bright white ceiling to help bounce the light around the space and allow the color to shine.

3. Furniture & Accessories

Maybe you enjoy the color but painting a wall or cabinet feels like a big commitment. Not to worry, there are several ways that you can still bring this vibrant tone into your home. First, you can try out selective furniture items and see how that feels. For example, purchasing magenta dining room chairs can be the cheerful spark that livens up the room. Other ways you could add this color is through accessories. This could be anything from pillows, kitchen appliances, glasses, or even artwork! The options for adding additional accessories to your home are endless. Just remember to be selective and purchase items that speak to you. Even adding magenta flowers in a room will add visual interest.

Monita, one of our interior designers, got inspired by Viva Magenta and created a fun shopping list of decor items to get you started. If you find anything you love, just click on the link in the caption to go to the source.

4. Exteriors

A bold way to use this cheerful hue is by incorporating this color on the exterior of your home. This could be anything from the full exterior color to your front door. This tone brings such a warm and welcoming vibe for all viewers yet is still visually striking. This pink-toned red is a fresh and modern take on the classic red front door and creates a bold statement that is full of strength and spirit. This color also pairs beautifully with lush green gardens and trees, creating an intriguing visual contrast in the space.


The Pantone Color of the Year – Viva Magenta is is full of life, exuberance and ultimately empowering to the mind, body, and soul. This color embodies qualities that are both playful, yet highly confident, encouraging self-expression, creativity and ultimately, “promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative,” states Pantone. What new story will you create with Viva Magenta?