3 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

Naturally, the outdoors has an appeal to us- the earth, sky, water and other elements make us feel calm and refreshed. Since these outdoor elements tend to provide us with such rejuvenation it makes sense that it is becoming more popular to bring the outdoors into our living space. There are infinite ways to bring the essence of nature into your home and within this blog we will be going over three key tactics to allow your space to feel fresh and connected to the outdoors!

The first method is by utilizing foldable doors in your home- this will add a significant amount of additional living space. Another way is to add organic materials and textures- this can be done with furniture, decorative pieces, or plants. Lastly, another way to let the outdoors enter into your space is through the use of light – this can be done with windows that showcase a view, skylights from above and other techniques that we will go over. Get ready to transform your home into your very own oasis!

1. Foldable Doors

What is a folding patio door? Commonly, this is also known as bifold doors or accordion glass doors because they fully open and have similar folds as an accordion. These types of doors are made up of three or more panels that connect with hinges that allow the doors to open and close. When the glass doors are closed, they create a beautiful wall of glass, and when the doors fold inward the result is a larger opening and a way to connect the outdoors inside by creating one continued space. This is a bold contemporary statement that is not only aesthetically sleek but provides an incredible amount of functionality for entertainment by extending the living space into patio for additional room.

2. Organic materials and textures

Utilizing organic materials and textures throughout a space will quickly enhance added interest and will help cultivate the feeling of comfort by bringing elements of the outdoors inside. One greatly impactful area to consider is the flooring- this lays the groundwork and sets the tone for the material design and overall aesthetic. By selecting a flooring that is wood for instance, this will help evoke the feeling of warmth in any room.

Another material selection in a home that will substantially help bring the outdoors in is by utilizing any type of stone on surfaces such as the flooring, countertops, or a backsplash. This is a great opportunity to help showcase the feature while not taking too much attention away from the rest of the space. Another way to bring added materials and textures in is by incorporating selective furniture pieces that embody the textural interest that you are looking for. This can be done by mixing different pieces, such as a leather throw pillow next to a knit blanket.

Incorporating lush plants with different types of textures will really help your space come alive! Organic patterns that are found in plants can also be mimicked within textiles or even on wallpaper to create a lasting impact.

3. Let light illuminate

Through the use of windows, lighter tones and everything else in-between, a home can be greatly illuminated and overall have a much brighter feel throughout. There are many ways to add light into your space and here’s a few ways- add more windows throughout the space. Adding additional windows in a home will bring in more natural light and create more connection with the outdoors by being able to see the views of nature from within the home. This can make a huge impact, especially if the windows are significantly large, or if there are skylights.

Another way to add more light into your space is through the use of mirrors by reflecting any light resources and overall this will help expand the room visually. With that, pairing these tips with light colored furniture allows for the home to open up and reflect even more light throughout the space, which also enables significant architectural elements to be fully showcased.

This blog features previous projects that have been completed by our team. All photos have been taken by Atelier Drome.