Top 5 Summer Design Trends

Summer 2018 promises to be fun and colorful. We’ve pulled together our top 5 favorite trends for summer decorating from the Pinterest 2018 top 100 predictions. Some of these are fresh and new while others have been around for a while but are gaining new popularity. Whether you are looking for ways to bring a little pizzazz into your life or just enjoy some eye candy, check out our favorite selections for your summer design inspiration.

Trend: Bold Ceilings

Add unexpected character to your space with a pop of (ceiling) color. The ceiling accent was around long before the accent wall and is picking up again since the accent wall trend tapered off. What we love about it: expand your space to include design on every surface; the ceiling is an often-forgotten opportunity for expression.

 source:  Domino  source: Domino

Trend: Graphic Plants

Greenery isn’t just about the lone ficus in the corner anymore, but incorporating plants as an integral part of the décor. Hanging & potted plants mingle with the rest of a design scheme to provide color, texture and pattern. What we love about it: Our leafy green friends are not only beautiful, but they also clean our air and give us those biophilia feel-good vibes.

 source:  Jungalow  source: Jungalow

Trend: Colorful Doors

Make a bold first impression with a colorful door to fit your personality. Front doors are a long-standing favorite accent opportunity and are now more fun than ever. What we love about it: doors are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color and curb-appeal to your home, plus it’s a small area to cover so you can always switch it out later without repainting your entire home.

 source:  Pinterest  source: Pinterest

Trend: Oversized Wall Art & Graphic Wallpaper

Vertical surfaces are getting an update with bold wall graphics and artwork. What we love about it: you can create a visually engaging and lively atmosphere with a single bold move. Shown here is Mr. Blow from Abnormals Anonymous and Surf’s Up by local Seattle artist Melanie Biehle.

 source:  Abnormals Anonymous  source: Abnormals Anonymous

 source:  Melanie Biehle  source: Melanie Biehle

Trend: Smoothie Bowels

Ok, so this is not a design trend, but they are perfect to enjoy while choosing your new graphic plant or bold front door color. Smoothie bowels are a great healthy solution for that summer sweet tooth when you are craving a cold dessert. Check out this beautiful (and delicious) recipe from PopSugar.

 source:  PopSugar  source: PopSugar