Photographic Center Northwest

Communal Apposition: Works from within PCNW

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) teaches people how to see. We celebrate beauty, foster awareness of individual and collective biases, and develop discerning consumers and creators of visual media through teaching the history and future of the photographic medium. We are a community of artists and intellectuals viewing the world with the goal to find new perspectives.

This exhibition celebrates the dedication of the volunteers and staff at PCNW who continue to foster the growth of a medium continually fighting oversaturation and dilution. Since inception PCNW has maintained a small working staff relying heavily on volunteers to support daily operations. Our volunteers help us keep our doors open to hundreds of artists, students, members, and community groups annually. Each and every volunteer is folded into our community through the use of our facilities, social events, and being involved in our ongoing public programming. Meanwhile staff continue to be a beacon for the photographic arts in the Pacific Northwest, drawing students and artists from across the region to participate in classes, workshops, exhibitions and fundraisers.

As we continue to cultivate regional partnerships and community connections, we serve our neighbors in Seattle by providing access to regional, national, and international perspectives through photography. The partnership with Atelier Drome for this exhibition exemplifies the community engagement we hope to foster while thanking the people who make all of it possible.

Consider this an introduction into the people’s lives who make continued, creative photography education possible in the Northwest.

Exhibiting Artists:

Joseph Bacanskas
Marcia Glover
Sebastian Guerrero
Nathan Hamm
Jenny Hansen Das
TzuHung (John) Huang
Douglas King
Sandy King
Maurice Kirejczyk
Miraj Patel
Will Russack
Erin Spencer
Emily Turner
John Wilmot