Sharon Huntley-Land

Artist Bio

I have always drawn or painted flowers.  I’m not sure why, I just always have.  From childhood to now, sitting and drawing or painting has always been my go-to activity.  As a college student, I took art classes as an easy way to meet requirements.  My senior year, I discovered I only needed one more class to minor in Art, so I took my first painting class.  I was hooked!  Being able to “see” what I wanted the painting to look like in my mind and translate that onto the canvas was amazing to me.  It was SO much fun and I just wanted to keep doing it more and more.

For many years I painted and raised a family at the same time.  Hanging shows, or painting with one of my kids perched in a baby carrier on my back was a normal occurrence.  However, life happened, and I realized I needed to expand my creative endeavors in order to provide for my brood.  So now, I oversee two careers: Web & Graphic Designer, and Fine Art Painter.  I love doing both, but my heart is, and always will be in art!

I find inspiration for my paintings in nature.  And I have a special affinity for flowers (as you can see!).  I am blown away by the beauty in the small, delicate bits of nature that are so often overlooked.  Bringing these small or overlooked moments into large singular focus is my main goal.

I work from photos so I can preserve the exact moment of light, shadow, or motion that attracts me. I tend towards images that are high contrast and dramatic in coloration.  I freehand draw the image onto the canvas and start painting from the background to the foreground.  I paint many thin layers over each section of the entire piece to make the colors more vibrant and the blending smoother.

In nature I have always felt the most alive.  And it has always been my hope to share with others the beauty I see through my own eyes in my work.  I hope it brings everyone the same joy it brings me.